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Danielle Rose Bardellini

Danielle founded firefly because the next generation will be the foundation of what leads the world into greater harmony, wisdom and joy.


firefly was built to give young people a safe, nourishing container for a new story of humankind to be born.

Danielle has over 15 years of experience in the Education industry. She was a Learning Designer at the Astronomical Society of the Pacific, where she worked on projects funded by the National Science Foundation and NASA. There, she collaborated with the University of Penn, and Cal Poly conducting research on cognitive and behavioral research in young children’s learning.

She was the Program Director at STEMful, a science-technology-engineering-mathematics education organization serving the San Francisco Bay Area. She developed and implemented company vision, and oversaw the delivery of all programs. 


Her first company, Act Your Heart, aimed to teach social-emotional learning through the performing arts. Filmmaking, music, acting and dance were vehicles for children to find self-expression, emotional stability, and deep community. She is currently training in workshops on facilitating drama therapy.


Danielle resonates deeply with her Pacific Islander heritage, she is greatly influenced by ancient island tribes and indigenous wisdom. She currently studies with a Master Kumu from the Hawaiian tradition. Additionally, Danielle worked on The East Gate, a program influenced by and guided from the traditions of the Native Americans. She is in community to build an Ancient Future where we reconnect to the land and people while staying present in the forward-thinking world of innovation. 


Danielle is driven by her mission: Composing Learning Experiences to Advance Human Potential. She is proud to deliver firefly as a part of this mission. 

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