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The Strength of Sisterhood


Digital Moon Journals

A modern day

"Moon Lodge"

for girls 11-13 

to connect through community and

celebrate the feminine. 

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We will learn the science behind the lunar phases of the moon by observing with moon journals and utilizing simple at-home moon models.

Digital Collaboration

Young Creators will collaborate by social video sharing through an education platform. 

Female Body Education + Empowerment

In many indigenous cultures, women would gather to honor the rhythms of the moon cycles in the sky and the cycles in our body, as they are both around 28 days and have four distinct phases. Firefly offers a safe space to learn the science around menstruation and discuss the emotions around a girls rite of passage.


We will virtually gather in our kitchens to learn about foods as medicine (for the female body during specific phases of the month) and cook together on screen.  


  • Laptop/desktop and/or Smart Device (Ipad, Iphone or Android)

  • Webcam

  • Internet Connection

  • Installation of the following (all are free):

    • Zoom​ (desktop/laptop or smart device)

    • Google Classroom (Cloud based on desktop/laptop or smart device)

    • FlipGrid (desktop/laptop or smart device)

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