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Purple Glow

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Click ENTER HERE at the start of class to transport through the portal to
firefly island.
portal firefly.png


1) Download Makers Empire

Mar/April Theme: 3D Modeling

  1. A Makers Empire account (with personal username and password) will be created for your child under firefly. Check your email for this info. It will be sent from

  2. Download Makers Empire Here

  3. Click the green button "Login (I already have an account)" with the login details in your email.

  4. Be logged in to Makers Empire at the start of class.

2) Prepare to use Topia

Spatial Video Chat

We will be meeting in a video conferencing tool called Topia (no more zoom!!). Click the ENTER HERE portal above at the start of class. Type in your name and click join. It will ask you to confirm you are over 16, so we ask that a parent/guardian be present to click the "Join" button.

Topia Requirements:

  1. Download/Use Chrome Web Browser (it must support WebGL)

  2. To test for WebGL: click HERE

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