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Parent Testimonial

"firefly classes have been a great addition to our homeschooling schedule. This is one of those classes my daughter is eager to get to ON TIME! She often works on the projects outside of the class and is proud to share her work. I found firefly classes very engaging, intellectually stimulating, and on point when it comes to learning emotional intelligence in context of schoolwork as well as with other kids in class."

—  Karina

mother of daughter, (age 12)

Who Is Behind firefly?

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Danielle founded firefly because the children of today will lead us to a world with greater harmony, wisdom and joy.

To build a better world, we must build a better education system. One that teaches us how to emotionally navigate difficult times, to become more in touch with the natural world, and to find our creative purpose. 

Danielle comes to firefly with 15 years experience in the education industry as a teacher, learning designer, curriculum developer and educational program director. She has worked in various STEM education organizations including the Astronomical Society of the Pacific on projects funded by the National Science Foundation and NASA. She collaborated with the University of Penn. and Cal Poly conducting cognitive and behavioral research on young children's learning.

As a theatre kid and dancer at heart, she taught theatre, music and movement as vehicles for children to find purpose, emotional stability and a supportive community.