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Movie Making

Can you dream up great stories?

We have so many interesting stories in our life! Get ready to create a movie and show the world! 

Film Reels


the power within you!


What's Your Magic?


The Native American Tradition looked to their environment, the natural world, and their community for inspiration and self-discovery. We will explore the power within our very own homes as inspiration to create a story.

What's your Story?


Let's write awesome scripts! Learn the basics of writing a good story, creating engaging shots, and setting up your film for success.  

Ready to Produce Your Movie?

Film Editing

Learn the basics of video editing to create a series of short videos!


  • Webcam

  • Internet Connection

  • Mobile/Smart Device

  • Installation of the following (all are free):

    • KineMaster (mobile/smart device only)

    • Zoom​ (desktop/laptop or smart device)

    • Google Classroom (Cloud based on desktop/laptop or smart device)

    • Flipgrid (deskptop/laptop or smart device)

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