I just enrolled in a Pod! When and how do I start?

Welcome to the firefly tribe! You should receive a welcome email with instructions immediately following enrollment. All pods begin in the first week of every month. If you enrolled from the 1st of the month to the 24th, you are enrolled in the following month's pod. If you enrolled after the 24th, you are enrolled in the month after the following month. (We mail out final boxes on the 25th.)

When do I get billed?

Accounts are automatically billed on the 24th of each month. 

When are boxes mailed?

We do two mailings each month, on the 20th and the 25th.

Why is this a monthly membership?

Our vision is create long-lasting, location-independent, sustainable community through a new era. We create the space for young learners to have a group of peers that they consistently grow with over time. 

Another aspect of our vision is to prepare the next generation for the future by leveraging technology as tools for a greater purpose. That means that our program is pretty tech heavy in the first month as learners get acquainted with  our system and learning new softwares. It becomes easier as time goes on.

Can I take a month off and return at a future date?

You can cancel your membership at any time. Please be aware that we purchase educational softwares that are paid per-child. These educational tools are meant to be used over the course of a year. If you cancel membership, access to the softwares, portfolios and projects will be lost.


Does firefly work with schools?

Yes! Get in touch with us at info@firefly-tribe.com and we can create a package for your students. We offer a space for your students to stay socially connected through virtual school and we give them the tools to leverage technology skills in this new era.