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A guide for children to navigate life

firefly offers
live classes in a

Adventure Game

Why is firefly important?



Tools to navigate difficult times through our original wisdom card deck.

Purpose &


Utilizing innate talents to find what truly matters for the long term.


Growing up with a consistent group who share the same values.

Creative Innovation

Where writing, music, art, dance and filmmaking are tools to express and communicate.

A note from the founder

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The world has changed. 2020 was a new beginning. As time moves forward, we can only guess where we’re headed. There are a couple of things that are certain: we must be comfortable with the unknown and we must learn new skills that aren’t taught in normal school.

firefly was built to allow the next generation to build a new world. It gives children the opportunity to become immersed in inspiring stories, to dream up collaborative solutions, and to gain emotional awareness with a series of tools to grow.

So why firefly? Because there is a reason why every story is about the main character’s transformation and firefly is the Obi-Wan, the Mary Poppins, the Jiminy Cricket who shows up on the journey towards growth.

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