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Image by Thomas Bonometti

3D Modeling

inside the

Animal Kingdom

Can you follow your instincts like the

loyal wolf?

Dive into Animal Science, Personal Empowerment and the Technological skills to 3D Model + Design 


What Animal Inspires You?


Let's dive into a series of Animals while we get to know their habitats and behaviors. We're going to discover and design a home for these Animals!

Can You Hear the Animal Messages?


The Native American Tradition looked to Animals as symbols for inspiration and personal growth. Young Creators will be given Quests, inspired by Animals, to discover qualities within themselves to harness.

How Might You Help Them Thrive?


Before building out a product in the digital space, a creator must first go through the process of designing their build by hand. Create a masterpiece inspired by the Animals we learn about! 

Ready to Virtually Create?

3D Modeling

Young Creators will learn how to use a 3D modeling technology.  We will use our initial by-hand designs to transfer to the digital space.  3D Modeling is used for animation, architecture and engineering!


  • Laptop/desktop and/or Smart Device (Ipad, Iphone or Android)

  • Webcam

  • Internet Connection

  • Installation of the following (all are free):

    • Zoom​ (desktop/laptop or smart device)

    • Google Classroom (Cloud based on desktop/laptop or smart device)

    • Makers Empire (desktop/laptop or smart device)

Level 1

  • Basics of 3D Design

  • 3D Build a Customized Animal Home

Level 2

  • Advanced layers of 3D Design

  • 3D Build a Customized Animal 

*Pre-requisite completion of Level 1

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