Whole Numbers

6th Grade - Math

Chapter 1: Lessons 1-10


Series: 11 Live Sessions

(10 Math Lessons + 1 Bonus)

45-90min each Session


The Leader of Lanterns

Find yourself in the town of Moonbourne, where the monthly new moon festivals light up the island for all the inhabitants. This little town spends its days preparing each month for the massive festivals with food, fireworks and of course... lanterns. The Lantern Ceremony is the most celebrated event, but this year... the leader is missing, and it's up to you to find a new leader.

Learning Goals - Academics

Whole Numbers

Students will learn, practice and become proficient in the following math concepts:​

  • Expressions and Equations

  • Exponents

  • Order of Operations 1

  • Order of Operations 2

  • Factors

  • Multiples

  • Properties of Multiplication 1 (Commutative, Identity, Zero)

  • Properties of Multiplication 2 (Distributive)

  • Properties of Division 1

  • Properties of Division 2

  • Chapter Completion Project

Learning Goals - firefly

The 9 Powers 

Every session with firefly will also develop one of the 9 firefly powers: Emotional, Social, Natural, Imaginal, Intentional, Reflective, Physical, Cognitive and Transformational. In this series, learners will train through all 9 powers.

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